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Asia Observer's strength is it offers a broad regional overview. guide to Asian culture, history, politics and business, Asia Source provides excellent reference material and background for those who seek to become deadly at cocktail parties .He was granted bail this month, a week after his film “Ramaleela” opened in theaters.The film is now on its way to becoming a smash hit. of the Web's oldest B2B services is also one of the most comprehensive.Global Sources matches some 200,000 buyers, among them the world's biggest retailers, with nearly 90,000 manufacturers, the majority of them in Asia. The latest health news, a searchable database, plus practical information — such as how to handle leftover food so you don't poison yourself — is abundant.But it is highly unlikely that Asian actresses will come forward in the way that their Western counterparts have done following the explosion of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.Asia’s relatively conservative attitude towards sex, the fear of consequences that could jeopardize the lives of their families as well as careers, and public judgment are reasons that stop abuse victims in the Asian entertainment business from coming forward, industry insiders say.

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She said coming forward to reveal the truth about sexual assault was never easy for anyone, let alone those living in the limelight.