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After Nikki left, Nick told Chelsea that his father had blackmailed his mom into an unholy alliance, and he was afraid that Victor would break down Nikki's defenses.

Chelsea wondered if it might become a true marriage, but Nick worried that Nikki's happiness would be short-lived, since it was only a matter of time before Victor hurt her again.

He turned around and found her wearing sexy, holiday-themed lingerie.

She purred that he had to unwrap his present before he got to play with it, and she whispered something in his ear.

Nikki prepared to meet with a landscape architect to discuss the park, and Victor was surprised that he hadn't been invited.

She clucked that he was a co-owner in name only and that she was in charge of all decisions regarding the land.

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Nikki pointed out that Nick had predicted it, since it was her pattern.At the Newman ranch, Nikki read a book as Victor walked in after a workout.

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