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The Roman Catholic and particularly the Orthodox Churches have traditionally defended the use of icons.

The debate on what images signify and whether reverence with the help of icons in church is equivalent to idolatry has lasted for many centuries, particularly from the 7th century until the Reformation in the 16th century.

Symbols of nature, useful animals or feared animals may also be included by both.

The early defense of images included exegesis of Old and New Testament.The Catholic defense mentions textual evidence of external acts of honor towards icons, arguing that there are "different kinds of worship" and that the honor shown to icons differs entirely from the adoration of God.Citing the Old Testament, these arguments present examples of forms of "honor" such as in Genesis 33:3, with the argument that "adoration is one thing, and that which is offered in order to honor something of great excellence is another".To Aristotle, states Paul Kugler, an image is an appropriate mental intermediary that "bridges between the inner world of the mind and the outer world of material reality", the image is a vehicle between sensation and reason.

Idols are useful psychological catalysts, they reflect sense data and pre-existing inner feelings.Alternatively, the topic of idolatry has been a source of disagreements between many religions, or within denominations of various religions, with the presumption that icons of one's own religious practices have meaningful symbolism, while another person's different religious practices do not.