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21-Jun-2017 11:29

Here are the ten best and worst pickup lines I’ve gotten on my online dating apps and sites this month. If you wouldn’t say it to a person in real life, you shouldn’t say it while online dating. Again, we start with “come over.” Not something you’d use as an opener with a woman at a bar. For anyone as clueless as me, apparently a seafood dinner is what some guys call going to third base on a girl. And when you have to qualify your statement with “honestly I’m not trying to be creepy,” you’re probably doing it wrong. If I thought he was serious, it would be a different story. ” and then his line to me shows absolutely no effort or thought. He was so cute, he spoke in full sentences (I’m not gonna be picky about the “your” right now), and he didn’t proposition sex in his first message. Unfortunately, apparently he’s also a dirty rotten liar. That’s not how you get a “real girl.” What is a real girl anyway? A few days later, luck would pay me a visit, and I saw her in my school cafeteria having lunch with her roommate.Doing something completely out of character of me at the time, I went up to her directly, introduced myself, and sat with her for lunch.Eventually she started telling me about her boyfriend troubles and I became ‘that guy’.I was her sympatric ear, the shoulder to cry on, etc.


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I was so scared of her cutting me from her life that I would’ve done anything to keep it going.

In a conversation with Kenny Sebastian, we talk about dating, grooming tips for men and what his theory of an ideal date is. What are the worst and best pick-up lines, according to you? I meet a lot of people through friends, and what really catches my attention is a good conversation.