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registered under MONIKER ONLINE SERVICES LLC and Its nameservers are ns1.and ns2.On our researches we see doesn't get any visitor from search engines but we think this website is getting visitors directly.Some difficulty surrounds the use of the verb 'fuit', generally taken to indicate the perfect tense.However, an alternative translation of the text suggests that the provision might in fact be prospective.The third chapter concerned the wrongful "burning, breaking or rending" (urere, frangere, rumpere) not only of slaves and cattle but also other property: Ceterarum rerum praeter hominem et pecudem occisos si quis alteri damnum faxit, quod usserit fregerit ruperit iniuria, quanti ea res fuit in diebus triginta proximis, tantum aes domino dare damnas esto.]As regards things other than men and cattle which have been killed, if any one does damage to another, and unlawfully burns, breaks, or ruptures something, let him be ordered to pay its owner whatever that thing is worth in the nearest thirty days.Note that rumpere (rupture) was generally understood as corrumpere (spoil), and thus came to encompass a very large number of different sorts of damage.One view that has attracted some support is that it was enacted around 287/286 B.C immediately following the enactment of the Lex Hortensia, which gave plebiscites the ability to bind the whole people without ratification of the Senate for the first time.

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