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The supplier must also refund any delivery charges paid by you, and any other costs related to the contract.

Refunds must be made within 30 days from cancellation, whether or not the goods have been sent back.

premium rate telephone line), period of validity of offer, information regarding substitute products.

This information must be communicated clearly, but not necessarily in writing, before your order is confirmed so that you can be in possession of all the facts should you wish to change your mind.

if the goods are faulty, then under Sale of Goods, the supplier will always bear the cost of returning them.

Unless you are required to return the goods, and you were informed of this, your only obligations are to make the goods available for collection and to take reasonable care of them while they are in your possession. Where the supplier has made provision to collect the goods, this duty of care expires after 21 days, but where you have agreed to return the goods, your duty of care continues until you do this and could be for as long as 6 months.

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One of the most important implications of the distance selling regulations is a cooling off period of 7 working days during which you have the right to cancel and get a full refund.The supplier must provide you with specific information related to your rights and their obligations under a distance selling contract.This ‘pre-contractual’ information should include: identity of the supplier, description of the main characteristics of the product or service, price, delivery costs, arrangements for delivery, performance and payment, cancellation rights, cost of communication (for e.g.It would be impossible for you to do this without opening the packaging and trying the product out.

Having said this, you will still be under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods while in your possession, and may be subject to certain instructions such as not to wear shoes outdoors, or remove hygiene seals.

There are obvious exceptions and you will not have the right to cancel with the purchase of the following goods: Under the distance selling regulations, you are quite within your rights to change your mind at any time, return the goods and get a full refund.