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These are people who don't listen to modern rock radio; maybe they were listening in the Nineties, and they've moved on to other things.

So it's a whole different way of looking at things; you have to really work for it and win them over.

"Sometimes when I go to an event, there's an energy where we are all in the same room together and we are truly wanting to be ourselves, yet there's also that sense that we need to be someone other than ourselves." Her trick to break the ice? Prepare how you would introduce yourself in a way to make others remember you later.

Put together a list of questions that you could ask people and topics that you are comfortable talking about.

Nia denies the allegations, and according to a rep ... Still, the judge granted the restraining order, forcing Nia to stay 50 yards away from Shakur.

Shakur is the same woman Nia accused of threatening her, and in fact got a restraining order against her on Tuesday.

Also included in the package are six cover songs: "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, "Retrovertigo" by Mr. We knew that was going to happen, because you can't just walk out there and think your songs are going to carry you.

Bungle, "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys, "As Tears Go By" by the Rolling Stones, "Runaway" by Del Shannon (featuring Zacky on lead vocals and a cameo by Vandals guitarist Warren Fitzgerald), and the Mexican folk song "Malagueña Salerosa." DID YOU HAVE TO WORK HARDER THAN USUAL IN ORDER TO WIN OVER METALLICA'S STADIUM CROWDS? I mean, people are sitting there eating hot dogs a mile away from you in the nosebleeds; you've gotta somehow get those people, and they might not have heard "Hail to the King," or "Bat Country" or "Nightmare".


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"If you bring a genuine interest to a conversation with people, it will go far," said Victor Draine, 27, a product manager at the Eze Software Group.


I like the new Mastodon, and I'm still listening to the last Gojira record.

In addition to prepping for their first-ever acoustic performance (as part of a special Grammy museum event on October 19th at L.

"We've got all this stuff coming up, but I'm doing everything from home — it's nice and kind of chaotic at the same time." The Orange County metal band certainly has a lot going on at the moment.Just like building other relationships that we do every day, networking is give-and-take.

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