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31-Dec-2017 07:48

ASD range from a severe form, called autistic disorder, to a milder form, Aspergers.If a youngster has symptoms of either of these disorders, but does not meet the specific criteria for either, the diagnosis is called pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).You are responsible to verify that the person is in fact, an attorney capable of helping you in court.There are no lawyers working for this website and I cannot give referrals.Email addresses should be written out like this: yourname[at]– this should keep spammers from collecting your email for nefarious purposes. Fight CPS doesn’t ask for money, and if someone claims to be from this site and asks for money, you KNOW that person is not to be trusted.

Only an attorney licensed in your state is qualified to provide legal advice and help to you.

If you’re looking for a PRO-BONO attorney, one that will work for free, don’t be surprised if that person is nearly impossible to find.

The spouses on this list are trying to work through relationship problems after the coming out of the gay, lesbian, or bisexual spouse.… continue reading »

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She claims she had to go to Nigeria to settle her father''s estate there, and after being stiffed on money for some modelling she had done while there in Nigeria, she was stranded.… continue reading »

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