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Colleen phoned the following summer with unexpected news—she’d quit nude modeling. He was also a cocaine dealer whom she’d met through Bobby Hollander.

As she told it, she’d moved to Palm Springs with her new boyfriend, a slightly older man named Jake Ehrlich, and was running a leather-goods store she’d bought with her own earnings. And Colleen hadn’t bought the shop with her money, because she didn’t have any; Ehrlich had opened it for her.

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The Applegates confronted her that night in her grandparents’ Anaheim home, where Colleen (who’d split from Marcell) was then staying. She refused, stomped out of the house and dropped out of contact for two months.

The signs of cocaine addiction—her unkempt appearance, the blood on her hankie—were evident even to the Applegates, but Colleen denied using drugs.