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02-Dec-2017 21:00

Needles to say, I am stuck with a non insulated, unusable ( for my purposes ) garage door. This is a warning for anyone considering buying one of these prefabricated steel buildings from usbuildings... On the surface these things seem like a good deal... Once you buy the initial steel building and put down a "non refundable deposit" they will wait for a week then call you back and tell you that you need to buy the "end walls"... Consider this an official complaint about their business practices. When my husband told him he wanted more information and a hard copy of information, "Ken" got real nasty about it and wouldn't take no for an answer. The pointed me to a lawsuit that their competiton, another steel building co, was involved in. I needed peak boxes for the two ends, as mine were lost or misplaced and they would not return my calls after repeated attempts, even after offering to pay for them.

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P99000023328 RACK, GARY J STEELMASTER BUILDINGS CORP. A01000001408 hurricaneshutters4These guys are terrible business people!SO ANY WAY'S SHE SAID I NEEDED THE REST OF THE MONEY WHEN THE BUILING WAS SHIPPED TO ME.

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