Self updating contacts

18-Jan-2018 12:39

The provider accommodates a wide range of data sources and tries to manage as much data as possible for each person, with the result that its organization is complex.

Because of this, the provider's API includes an extensive set of contract classes and interfaces that facilitate both data retrieval and modification.

The provider also does this if an existing raw contact's data changes in such a way that it no longer matches the contact to which it was previously attached.

If an application or sync adapter creates a new raw contact that column.

Display name, phone number, email, postal address, photo, and website detail rows are all found in the table has some columns with descriptive names, and others with generic names.

The contents of a descriptive-name column have the same meaning regardless of the type of data in the row, while the contents of a generic-name column have different meanings depending on the type of data.

Some examples of descriptive column names are: column is indexed.

The Contacts Provider always uses this column for the data that the provider expects will be the most frequent target of a query.

If you do, you may lose the data or cause the provider to malfunction.

Because the Contacts Provider allows more than one online service as the source of data for a person, the Contacts Provider allows multiple raw contacts for the same person.